What is TribuCastâ„¢?

What is TribuCast™?

TribuCast™ is a Remote Attendance System and is offered by The J. F. Floyd Mortuary. This webcasting system has been thoughtfully designed to let family and loved ones attend a funeral, memorial or a graveside service in real time on a phone, tablet or computer by live streaming the event in a private online environment.

The funeral service being broadcast is only accessible through a private website; the Family decides who to invite by sharing the custom “distribution link” by email or text.  This allows a Family to include specific family and friends, regardless of their location or circumstances.

The fee to broadcast one service (at a church, chapel or graveside) is $350.  One of our Directors will be happy to discuss this further with you if you have an interest.

Equipment utilized:

  • Apple 10.2 iPad w/Mount
  • Magnus VT-350 Tripod
  • 37 mm  Telephoto lens
  • RODE VideoMic Pro